The Green Scents of Spring

Posted on March 20 2023

Angela Flanders Lawn


At last there is a promise of Spring in the air, we felt the warm breeze and a touch of sun on our skin last week. A note of grassiness in the air and a promise of flowers to come, snowdrops & woodland bulbs are making an entrance.

It feels as if it's time to wear a fresher note in fragrance too. For the first time this year I instinctively reached for my bottle of Lawn, yearning for the dewy galbanic freshness that later warms on the skin like the mid day sun. Lawn was my first new fragrance launched last March, and inspired by Vicci Bentley's beautiful poem.


These gauzy mornings 
there’s a reason why you push your bed pillow-close
to the open window so that the cool, the light
bathes you awake five o’clock and eager
to leave diseased dreams and watch
the calm, silver sheet of the
dawning lawn catch the
unhurried tumble of
a petal’s feather curl
for in the blink of that first, not-quite time
you still believe in the lightness of your footfall
stepping out onto the fresh, the wet
beneath your soles, between your toes;
inhaling silver, tasting green as
each liquid call in the chorus
trickles down to touch the
newness in you
until the truth of the day scorches through
Vicci Bentley


Lawn marked a new start for me as a perfumer and is therefore a most appropriate scent for the time of year when we feel ready to embrace the promise of a new season

With woodland flowers in mind, Lily of the Valley, is one of our all time classics and perhaps is sometimes a little overlooked. It's stunning green freshness with the most delicate floral notes makes this an elegant and timeless perfume.

Our third lovely green scent from our Artillery Collection, No 3 Hungary Water, has a wonderful history to it. Originally made for the Queen of Hungary in the 13th century it is believed to be one of the oldest scent formulas. Concocted from a stunning array of fresh green herbs including rosemary, mint, lavender and a touch of lemon. The Queen it is said went on to marry a much younger man, I like to think it was the scent, you may think otherwise !




Lawn captures the calm sense of renewal inspired by a dewy summer’s morning… A green garden seen through gauzy lawn curtains stirring in the breeze before the heat of the day scorches through.



A classic fragrance that is the epitome of Spring. Delicate yet tenacious, this elegant single note perfume keeps its fresh, green yet pure white floral note for hours. Deceptively sophisticated Lily of the Valley is a surprisingly modern fragrance.




This magically restorative fragrance was first created for Queen Elizabeth 1st of Hungary in 1370. Based on invigorating rosemary, combined with lemon balm, lemon peel, mint and rose, it was quickly adopted by the Hungarian court.  This classic fragrance has become a firm favourite with those who appreciate its uplifting and invigorating fresh green herbal notes combined with a delicate citrus note.



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