As Perfume falls under the Dangerous Goods category, the international shipping by air of perfume and other alcohol-based products is strictly regulated.

Shipping within Europe starts from £70 for perfumes and other alcohol-based products (such as room sprays, diffusers, bath silks) and from £20 for non alcohol-based products (candles, shower gels, body lotions, body creams, herb bags). Shipping to the USA, the Middle East or Asia would start from approx £85

International orders of perfumes are shipped via FedEx, which means a full door-to-door tracking service is included, making international shipments more expensive but very reliable. International orders of non alcohol-based products are sent with Royal Mail and are also tracked.

Please note you will have to pay your local import VAT + any relevant processing fees by the courier at delivery. These additional costs are not included when you place an order on our website and you will need to pay them at delivery. Additionally the parcel may be delayed so fees can be collected.

Size restrictions for international orders 

Fragrances and other alcohol-based products: volume per item must not exceed 30ml (1 fl oz) and we can only accept perfume orders for bottles of maximum 30ml each with a maximum volume of 500ml (17 fl oz) per order (which means you can order several 30ml bottles and shipping fees won't increase much if you do). The fragrances on our website don’t all come in a 30ml size but we can custom make them for you if they don’t already exist.

Non alcohol-based products : there are no size restrictions. 

If you would like to order for an international shipment, please send us an email with your full address details at for a personalised quote. If you agree with the quote we have sent you, we will then send you an email with a payment link to complete your purchase directly on our website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a quote at


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