Embark with us on an olfactory journey to faraway destinations... We might not be able to travel as far as we'd like this year but we can still explore the world through our imagination and our sense of smell. Close your eyes, breathe in and follow us on an adventure to Morocco and the Middle East...

In our selection, you'll find fragrances inspired by traditional blends used by Arab perfumers since Ancient times. Intense and seductive, they feature ingredients such as  amber, oudh, rose, precious woods, notes of balsams, musks and  incense. These fragrances smell fabulous on their own but they also layer beautifully between themselves for an even more unique scent.

Evocative of faraway destinations, our selection can be worn by women and men and is definitely grown-up. Although richer, these perfumes wear beautifully in warmer weather, just remember to use a light touch as a little goes a long way. Their intense notes will linger sensually on your skin all day long and  through the night…

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